Partition Pinboard | Mobile




By utilising mobile partitions, room sizes can be changed in an instant. This flexible solution means users may simply create the most efficient use of floor space: whether it’s dividing a school hall into two different multi-purpose areas for physical activities, or splitting a large conference facility into smaller seminar rooms by sub-dividing the space with mobile partitions. They can simply be wheeled and stacked away while not in use.


  • Lockable Castors
  • Lightweight
  • Velcro receptive
  • Pinnable backing
  • Available in a wide range of fabric colours


5 Year IconAustralian Made

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    • Black
    • Clay
    • Grape
    • Kingfisher
    • Kiwi
    • Lettuce
    • Marine
    • Mink
    • Mustard
    • Navy
    • Orange
    • Pine
    • Poppy
    • Purple
    • Redwood
    • Ruby
    • Sable
    • Stream
    • Toffee
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