Glenmore Tub




The Glenmore tub is Australian made, it features a comfortable tub shape that hugs and supports while seated. It can be upholstered in any fabric, vinyl or leather of choice. The 4 legged round tube frame is extremely strong as it’s completely welded and fixed to the seat. The frame is available in black powder coat or chrome.


  • Fully upholstered in fabric , vinyl or leather
  • Steel 4 leg frame available in chrome or black
  • Australian made


5 Year IconAustralian Made

    • Chilli Vinyl
    • Black Vinyl
    • Ebony Fabric
    • Grass Vinyl
    • Cloud Vinyl
    • Kiwi Vinyl
    • Gunmetal Vinyl
    • Lemon Vinyl
    • Navy Vinyl
    • Amythest Vinyl
    • Orange Vinyl
    • Pacific Vinyl
    • Smoke Vinyl
    • Garnet Fabric
    • Porridge Fabric
    • Gunmetal Fabric
    • Alloy Fab
    • Leaf Fabric
    • Ocean Fabric
    • Peacock Fabric
    • Stone Fabric
    • Tango Fabric
    • Sunshine Fabric
    • Tomacco Fabric
    • Teal Vinyl
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    • Black
    • Chrome
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