Custom Curve




Custom curve is a modular designed couch which can be arranged in various configurations to adapt to a particular environment or teaching style. This couch is upholstered with commercial grade Vinyl or Fabric, whilst internally the couch is constructed using Australian solid pine. This gives the Custom Curve couch the strength to withstand the hard wearing school environments whilst still being light enough to be manoeuvred with ease.


  • Nylon Glides
  • Australian solid pine
  • Commercial grade Vinyl or Fabric
  • High resilient cellular polyurethane foam
  • 100% Australian Made


5 Year IconAustralian Made

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    • Chilli Vinyl
    • Black Vinyl
    • Ebony Fabric
    • Grass Vinyl
    • Cloud Vinyl
    • Kiwi Vinyl
    • Gunmetal Vinyl
    • Lemon Vinyl
    • Navy Vinyl
    • Amythest Vinyl
    • Orange Vinyl
    • Pacific Vinyl
    • Smoke Vinyl
    • Garnet Fabric
    • Porridge Fabric
    • Gunmetal Fabric
    • Alloy Fab
    • Leaf Fabric
    • Ocean Fabric
    • Peacock Fabric
    • Stone Fabric
    • Tango Fabric
    • Sunshine Fabric
    • Tomacco Fabric
    • Teal Vinyl
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