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Whilst most Victorian schools are currently adjusting to remote learning to some degree during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for schools and in particular the classrooms, to introduce various steps to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in schools in preparation for when students return. EFI Furniture brings you this blog post to take you through a 4 step solution to help get you prepared. The 4 step solution includes physical distancing, integration of screens, sanitisation and consistent deep clean.

As advised by the Australian government, 1.5 metres physical distance is recommended to help slow the spread of the virus. The more space between you and others, the more difficult it is for the virus to spread. This rule should also be implemented in classrooms. The distance between student desks should be no less than 1.5m, in turn providing enough space to increase natural airflow and lower the risk of germs being spread amongst student and teachers.

Screening and partitioning can also be implemented in classrooms. EFI Furniture have a unique range of cost-effective screens that are available in either standard or custom sizes to suit both student and teachers desks or tables. Partitioning is available in clear acrylic so visual communication is not affected. Screens will help contain the students in an isolated environment whilst not hindering communication in the classroom.

Sanitiser stations and hand cleaning should also be commonplace in classrooms, staff rooms, toilets and offices where there are often gatherings of people or where germs are likely to be transmitted. Both students and teachers should sanitise every time they walk in and out of these environments. This will help eliminate germs settling on surfaces. EFi Furniture offers a range of budget sanitiser stations, wall mounts and replacement sanitiser pump bottles that are suitable for school environments.

Deep cleaning should be a daily task, conducted both throughout and at the conclusion of each school day. All furniture should be wiped down using sanitiser spray or wipes, also provided by EFi Furniture. Students should clean their furniture before and after use. At the end of each school day, contract cleaners should also provide deep cleaning, including the wiping down and sanitising of all furniture. This will dramatically minimiSe the amount of bacteria that can contaminate furniture, in turn preventing community transmission of COVID-19 within the school environment.

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