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Fuel Power Box





Fuel powerboxes are designed to give users easy access to concealed power and data outlets from an unobtrusive worktop location. Fuel is available in four modes to suit different work environments from folding tables to workstations up to larger conference and meetings tables and is designed to work with widest range of third party power and data soft-wiring systems available.

  • Fuel 90
    Single-sided access, suitable for singles users at a workstation or desk
  • Fuel 91
    Single-sided access, for multiple users. Primarily used in pairs to suit wider meeting and conference tables where one central box would be too far to reach
  • Fuel 95
    Double-sided access, suitable for single or multiple users at workstations or smaller meetings tables
  • Fuel 98
    Double-sided access, suitable for multiple users at larger meeting or conference tables. Specifically designated to straddle tables with centrally mounted rail




Model GPO Supplied Data Cutouts Width Depth Height
90 4 3 410 400 138
91 4 (max 10) 8 (max 10) 1000 990 138
95 4 5 310 300 138
98 4 (max 6) 5 (max 8) 410 400 138



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